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21st Century Priofits 4U is an independent members site and is not affiliated or endorsed by Trunited Marketplace LLC in any way. The purpose of this site is to spread the good word about Trunited and more importantly help you start getting paid to shop. This site has many ways to spread the word, check it out!



For those of you who missed the November ALLIANCE MATRIX participation, I believe you can still qualify and join for December! Here is what you need to commit to:

1) As soon as you sign up please place your first order in the Direct to Consumer section to receive a minimum of 38.5 points to lead by example. If you have not done this yet for December, contact me for assistance! 
2) Set up a recurring order with TruBox in the Direct to Consumer section for a minimum of 38.5 points per month to lead by example. The gift cards and global brands only kick in 3 months from purchase so you would have to do them at the same time as your direct to consumer purchases for first 3 months, then you can do strictly gift cards moving forward. 
3) Set up your action and marketing plan, balancing your time and money available, in a way that’s comfortable for you. 
4) Share TRUNITED and GPN opportunities with your warm market to refer a minimum of 3 active people as your first step of your marketing plan. 
5) Work with those first 3+ members to engage, take action and repeat steps 1-4! 
6) Use your TRUNITED SHOPPING PORTAL and place as much of your monthly spending through TRUNITED as possible using: the Global Brands, Gift Cards and Direct to Consumer sections. Set a goal to purchase through TRUNITED and get spending it to nearly 100% of the dollars you are regularly spending every month now, plus any additional expenses, asset purchases etc.. 

That’s how simple this opportunity is! 
So what's the deal about the ALLIANCE MATRIX you ask? Isn't this what anyone should do to build there business?
YES, of course , BUT if you contact me or Chuck and commit to us that you are willing to do this plan fervently we may add you to our ALLIANCE MATRIX and the ALLIANCE TEAM will place a matching ALLIANCE MEMBER into your matrix effectively doubling your business with a matching minimum 38.5 point order! So for each member that you refer and they commit to the above plan the ALLIANCE TEAM adds a member, matching yours!
WOW! This is awesome!
Just think how fast you can reach PACESETTER with our upline adding 50% of your needed members! That's how I got to PACESETTER in less than a WEEK! I'm not saying you will be able to do that but know that it can be done! What one can do another can too!
So let's get you educated and committed so that by the end of December you too are a PACESETTER and will start the New Year off with a paycheck and 4 levels to be paid on! Contact Gary and Chuck NOW for your interview!

‚ÄčThese diagrams of my downline are here to show how to build you business with and without the ALLIANCE MATCHING MEMBER OPPORTUNITY! To qualify you must buy a minimum of 38.5 points per month in your TRUBOX! Check out the TRUNITED OVERVIEW #1 Webinar for more details!



Trunited is simple and easy to grasp for everyone! I saw it instantly as one of the major ways commerce will change in this 21st Century. Come join us and see why!

Gary D Holmes