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Dec 6th
Questions from Steve Wallace and answers from TRUNITED SUPPORT
Q: Do I understand correctly that our trunited bucks can only be spent on Direct to Consumer products?
A: Yes that is correct, these Direct to Consumer Products are housed by TRUNITED in their wearhouse in Colorado so they want us to use them there to support that facility using our TRUBOXES.
Q: When you buy a Visa, do you have to buy a new one each time and pay the 5.95 fee or can reload the same and still get points?
A: Yes, if you want new points you must use the portal and pay the Visa fee.
Q: Buying any global brand products (Walmart, Sams), I assume we still pay their shipping when we go through their website or is the best way always to load a visa and then shop at the store.
A: Yes, you are buying from them directly through your TRUNITED portal so you are required to pay the shipping and handling as if you were not using the portal. You also have the option to buy a gift card, shop online, place your order through the portal and arrange to pick up your order at the store.
How do I get paid?
Log into your back office, click on "My Account", click on "Business Dashboard" click on "Money Transfers" and review the options to get your funds moved.
Hello Gary,
Thank you for reaching out to us. At the moment no other changes are currently being made to the connection list from what has been updated to us. 
However I'd be glad to have this added to our suggestion list for our technical team to look into. 
Please let us know if there is anything else we may help with. 

--Original Message--

Hello Admin! I love this program! I know the site is not completed yet and I was wondering will the update of the CONNECTION LIST always be this slow to show new members? I hope this is just part of the growing pains and there are plans to make it as fast as the SMS messages received! Great success in all that we do together to make this world a better place thru TRUNITED!
All the best,
Trunitedâ„¢ Order Support Team

Trunited is simple and easy to grasp for everyone! I saw it instantly as one of the major ways commerce will change in this 21st Century. Come join us and see why!

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