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February 1st

Hello Everyone!  

Happy February 1st!  

WOW did January zip by fast!  

I’ve got lots to cover in this update, most good, some challenging so let’s get started. Grab yourself a cuppajoe and enjoy your read. 






5) MASS CRYP http://www.mymasscryp.site/ 

6) ECC, Easy Cash Code soon to be http://uoplive.com/uopprelaunch   

7) TRUNITED http://www.21stcenturyprofits4u.com/ 

So you can jump ahead to any topic that interests you, let’s get started! 


On the home front, I’ve been personally challenged with some cardio issues and that is why you have not heard from me much for December and January. It turns out that my heart arrhythmia had gotten worse and I ended up in the hospital for half a day. I would cough and pass out! They did lots of tests and found that my heart was stopping for too long and therefore I’d crash, so they prescribed a new med that seems to be working quite well even though the potential side effects are more scary than the arrhythmia! I am starting to feel much better and just in time too! Dahiana and I are moving again tomorrow to a new home! Ya, I know we just moved in November to a really nice home in Santiago DR BUT it does not have a regular water source so the stress of rationing and buying truckloads of water is not the way we want to live. There are some other annoying issues as well so we decided to look for an apartment but good ones are slim picking unless you want to spend over $1000.00 a month. So I continued to search for another home that did not have water issues that we could afford.  

We have been truly blessed and found an awesome 4 bedroom, 8 bathroom home with two kitchens, two living rooms, family room, office, maids quarters, laundry room, storage room, and work shop, my favorite! It also has an 18X36 inground heated pool with beautiful patio area, pool house with full bathroom and external pool shower!  

Sounds like an awesome place right? IT IS! Wait until you see it! 

I know that if you rented a place like this in most cities in Canada and USA you would spend $3-4K a month! We were already spending $1K a month in place we are now! This house is twice the size, 3X the pool and yard size and get this, it is only $800.00 a month! WOW unbelievable right?! So we will finish packing today and the movers arrive tomorrow and by Saturday we will be in this awesome new home! I will post some pictures next week to make you all drool! LOL!  

So enough about me personally, let’s get to the good news! 

Some of this news may not be relevant to you and your situation but it is good to know that 2018 is going to be a great year for all of those who have been working with me for the last few years! 



Major movement is afoot in this arena! If you are a SPURT holder you will be glad you have it as the blessings will be starting soon on two fronts.
You can review this digital currency by going to
www.myspurt.org and set up an account, there are several options to choose from and you can earn SPURT many ways, I have provided two awesome ways to earn it, check them out here: http://www.myfuelclub.net/ and http://ucofc.info/they are free to join! Contact me for your sign up link, one link for both programs!  

Here is some great updates from SPURT Admin for those of you that already have SPURT and a paid for account. 

January 28th 

It's time to take action 

There is a new newsletter on the blog www.myspurt-news.blogspot.com  

It is showing the FIRST step to a bright future. 

There are a few more steps to take, but this is the first. 

Please remember, we are only with a few people, and we ask you to please just do what we invite you to do. Please, Please, do not ask questions on the next steps. We have not the time to answer them, for we need to use our time wisely. Wisely, in our eyes, is that we use it to take you to STEP 2 as soon as possible. 

So hurry and take STEP ONE NOW. 

Be wise, and subscribe to the Newsletter, for we do not always send emails to announce the Newsletter, as you can subscribe to it. 

Kind Regards 


PS also read the other info on the blog we added shortly. 



Posted: 27 Jan 2018 10:56 AM PST 


Many people want to exchange their SPURT to SPURT+. 

SPURT+ would be needed if you would want to get other currency for your SPURT. 

There is a restriction to receiving SPURT+, and that is that you have to work in the community. You might think that you do not know what to do for your community of/for SPURT. We have some ideas you might even already do at this moment and think that is normal for you. 

Please see how WE think you can pay forward the fact that you have access to MySPURT. 

NO RESTRICTIONS for the first 5000 SPU. 

Now, we are willing to transfer 5000 SPURT, if your balance permits that, to SPURT+ without asking you for any proof that you used any of the suggestions, but be aware that the Pay it Forward IS the door to get SPURT + for future SPURT+. You might also have other ideas how to get SPURT+. Things you are doing already to make the life of people around you, and your life better. We have to develop this together! 

These transfers are the FIRST step in an EXITING future.  

A future where there is money available to do all things we want, like providing promotion material paid by SPURT. This first step is independent of the Debit Card, but might be earlier in payment. That is what we HOPE. 

This offer does not count for free accounts. We will have another option for those accounts later. 

We advise you to study the posts http://myspurt.org/about-spurt/spurt and http://myspurt.org/about-spurt/spurt-to-spurt 

Also, read the FAQ on SPURT+, please. 


Please send an email to info@myspurt.org like this (EXACTLY LIKE THIS!) 

In the subject you write: 


In the text copy and paste this information. 

[Your SPURT Account number]. Please transfer 5000 SPURT to SPURT+. 



Please, be aware of new posts soon. Subscribe to these blogs! 



What do we mean with FREE accounts 

Posted: 28 Jan 2018 10:08 AM PST 

Explanation of what we mean with FREE accounts. 

 Most of the clients from Zimbabwe, Peru, Philippines, etc. received a FREE account without paying for the account. That is the indication that they don't have money to pay for the account. Even clients who paid a small amount and live in these countries are not permitted to request a transfer. See below what we are offering instead. 

 It is logical that those countries cannot afford a payment like people living in the USA or Europe can do. At the same time, it would not be good for them to receive 5000$ for their SPURT+. 

 That is why we wrote that people with a free account could not request the transfer from SPURT to SPURT+. 

 Suppose we would provide 5000$ to the people in Zimbabwe or the Philippines. They probably would spend it immediately, causing big problems there. More important is that we would ruin what we set up so far. When these clients would receive USD for their SPURT, they would immediately stop working for the community. They would immediately stop finding businesses that would accept SPURT. But THAT is the way we will honor the SPURT they earned until now. 

We will, as soon as SPURT can be used to get USD, ONLY provide the Businesses, accepting SPURT, USD for their SPURT, in the meantime teaching them that when they USE their SPURT, they will be 100% compensated. This means that SPURT would be used within the system several times before exchange is necessary and all SPURT clients, who worked so hard for their SPURT would be able to buy the things they need with their SPURT. We will provide them 10% of the earned money in the currency of choice. 

ALL Free accounts provided for services to SPURT, or Sound Prosperity, all FREE accounts provided based on credits for bringing other clients, (which are in fact no free accounts) do not fall under the rule that FREE accounts cannot request a transfer from SPURT to SPURT+. All these accounts are free to request a transfer from SPURT to SPURT+ of 5000 SPU. 

In case you have a free account, and you did not receive that account based any of both the situation described above, and you are not sure, whether or not you are permitted to request the transfer, you can ask for that permission. 

If you have SPURT you can also consider using this THI PROTOCOL: 


I and others continue to work to find banks that will contract with FIDES BANK’s SERVICES AGREEMENT. I am working with two different groups in Africa that have good bank contacts, unfortunately the bankers involved are slow to act but still say they are interested in moving forward so sign the SERVICES AGREEMENT, I hope that will occur this month. In the meantime other Call Centers seem to be having success and I hope to have more info on that for next week. I received this Skype chat this morning from my dear friend Paul and we will speak and he will provide details and I will update you when I’m back online after the move. Here is his message to me: 

“Hi Gary, do you know that the Central Bank of Spain and the Central Bank of Europe has accepted IBOEs from THI and Fides Bank and are willing to trade MTNs. I have just been talking with Steve and he has just up dated me on all this. Wells Fargo is also is also agreed in principle as well.”  

Is this positive news or what? AWESOME! So if you have lots of SPURT and you follow the protocol list above this may be your year! 


ICC ZCASH and CHIPS will also be able to be exchanged this year using this protocol: http://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/ZCASH%20-%20CHIPS%20LEDGERS.pdf 

So those of you who have ZCASH and CHIPS from the Internet Catalog Club (ICC) will be able to use THI protocols to build your projects! You will need to contact an ACTIVE CALL CENTER from this list: http://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/WEBSITES/CALL-CENTERS/call-centers.html and contract with an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR from this list: http://www.change2100.com/THIBMART/WEBSITES/CONTRACTORS/contractors.html 

As you will see Bright Star Call Center is presently not listed and I personally am not listed on either list. I’ve had some personal challenges with Ben Young and will not promote the THI protocols until I have personally brought a bank to FIDES and have completed the $14.5MM IBOE exchange I have in place! So at this time please do not contact me for assistance in doing the THI protocols, my health will not allow for it! 




There has been work done on all the sites!!!!  



They are getting ready so if you are involved in AGAM/Questra check out your back office (available access from above sites) and you will see that they have added two new payment methods and a few other little tweaks!  

Alex Villa, Kenetra’s sponsor, she’s my sponsor did this little https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBykNp3PmSAupdate on his opinion of what is happening.  

Chuck and I had a call with an A-Q member who has done some detailed research on Mr Han and the Asia Trade Group and he too was very positive that A-Q will be back bigger and better than ever in February! He even intimated that A-Q will have their own ICO so we will wait and see, stay tuned! 

Also check out this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyAdAuHR94s&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop  

I would recommend that if you are not in A-Q that you prepare by creating a www.blockchain.info/or similar crypto wallet and get it funded with at least $150.00USD of Bitcoin, Etherium, or Bitcoin Cash  so that you can join as soon as it re-opens! The minimum placement should be 90Euros but with exchange fees and crypto fees and fluctuations you need to have a little more! Contact me for more information and assistance! BTW these two programs had earned me $50K of which I will receive the balance of 21KEuros when they re-open this month! 


5) MASS CRYP http://www.mymasscryp.site/  & https://www.masscryp.com/Register.aspx?my=6600111  

This program is truly amazing! It is growing faster than anything I’ve ever been in and has made us just under $2800.00USD in less than two months! Dahiana has the two accounts in her name, the first account started Dec 8th has 55, 825 people in it since joining and we have only sponsored 7!!! As you review the Stats below you can see that $5, 582,500.00USD Turnover Volume has been done since she joined! We’ve earned 310.555 MASS COINS, $2420.00 in Turnover Income, $47.00 in Team Income and $60.00 in Mining Profits! Not bad for $100.00 purchase of a mining contract! The second Stats sheet screenshot is Dahiana’s second account, no sponsorship has occurred yet but it has already earned $20.00 in mining profits and has 22807 people who have joined since January 15th, that’s over 1400 people a day joining! They could all be coming in under YOU right now! 


The MASS COIN has grown from .10 to .61 since November 28th; get in now with just the coin and watch it grow every few days! 


You can start it with just $100.00USD using your BTC wallet but always over fund do to exchange and transfer fees!  

I did absolutely no work on this program all of December due to my cardiac challenges and my member downline was almost 25000 people! How did that happen? Well they have created a portion of their comp plan that has everyone that joins after you placed under you from anywhere on the planet whether your their sponsor or not! This effectively pre qualifies you for all your TURNOVER BONUSES then all you have to do is sponsor 12 people who each want to earn $9420.00 in 4.5 months like you and I do! See the chart below! I’m here to answer your questions and assist you in creating your BTC wallet and sign up! Get in the way of this thing and have it build around you then share it with a success story that you didn’t create! It make it a lot easier to get family and friends involved even if you are a part of the NFL club, you know, no friends left! 



6) ECC, Easy Cash Code soon to be http://uoplive.com/uopprelaunch    

For those of you who already have a traditional business or an online business this program provides all the tools you will need to take your business to the next level in this digital 21st Century! It teaches you everything you need to know about building lead lists, auto mail out systems and responders and target marketing using cell phone text messaging, the latest and greatest innovation in online marketing! 

Here’s the latest back office update for your review: 

Greetings Easy Cash Code Member, 

We are diligently preparing for the launch of the new system, Unit of Prosperity! Take a moment and pre-register for the launch VIP list for webinar details at www.UnitofProsperity.com today. 

Easy Cash Code, founded in 2016, was created to help people around the world start a successful business and our mission is not changing with the transition to Unit of Prosperity. As of January 22, 2018 the affiliate links for Easy Cash Code are no longer active. 

You can still login into your Easy Cash Code back office. If you purchased Reseller License, UOP SMS Pro, and IM Phenom, your purchase will be transferred over to the new system. You will receive directions once the new system is launched on how to gain access. We will no longer accept support tickets for Easy Cash Code after January 31, 2018. 

We are excited to share with you all the details of what is changing and how Unit of Prosperity is going to shift your business to new levels in 2018. Make sure you are preregistered for the VIP List for the launch webinar details by going to www.UnitofProsperity.com today. 

To Your Success, 

Unit of Prosperity Corporate 

Let me know if you need help getting into this when it has relaunched real soon! 


7) TRUNITED http://www.21stcenturyprofits4u.com/  

Get paid to buy everything and anything you already buy or want to buy! This program works! Check it out do your purchases from your own buyer’s portal! It makes good sense to use TRUNITED to buy anything you already buy and not pay more for it! Check it out soon! 


Thank you for taking the time to read this update, I hope you have been encouraged by all the positive information provided on all these great programs. I believe 2018 will see major changes around the world and with the proximity of the Global World currency reset those of you who hold DINAR, DONG and ZIM will have a very bright financial future! Let’s all work to build His Kingdom here on earth until He comes again! I will continue to get the job done for 2018 and “NO” I won’t ever say “or I will die, trying” again, I almost did! 

Yours in Success! 



Skype: garydouglas2015 & financialhope 

Cell & Whatapp: 1-829-404-4191 

Skype US line: 1-541-582-7137 


January 6th

Hello Everyone! 

Not so Happy Saturday! 


This is one time that I hate that I was right, but Chuck and I told you so!  


USI Tech is gone in the US & Canada! 


In my opinion, USI Tech is a great company providing a valuable opportunity so why do I say “I told you so?” in my last email update? Well I’ve been here before with two other great companies, JewelWay and Club Atlantic Travel! Back in the 90’s JewelWay hired the “best” MLM attorney, Jeffrey Babener, they talked publicly at their meetings of how great an asset he was to the future of the company and that everything was compliant! And to my knowledge and research it was! But when you are dealing with the FTC, they change the rules and prosecute whenever a company gets too big and affiliates make too much money! READ: http://www.mlmlegal.com/jewelway.html 

In the case of Club Atlantic Travel the SEC charged that CAT members were selling an unsecured security without a license, hmmm sound familiar? But all we were selling was a $1000.00 travel voucher! After a seven month court battle CAT leaders won against the SEC but the company still went out of business because of bad press and no business being done to keep affiliates on board! So indirectly the SEC won as well by bleeding the company dry in legal fees! 

So that brings us to USI-Tech, A good company with great intentions, so why did Chuck and I not join? 

It was an easy decision for me, I remembered what happened to JewelWay and CAT! When the USI-Tech management made the announcement that USI-TECH was “legal” in the USA and showed their letter from their legal counsel stating that fact, Chuck and I chuckled! Go ahead and wave your red cape at the 3 letter alphabet gangsters and see what happens! We told you so! The company doesn’t allude to this as being the reason for the shut down in the USA and Canada but rather blame the way the program was promoted on the social media platforms! In my opinion, doing public hotel meetings and using their attorney letter started their demise! See the letter the company has sent to their customers below and then read how to be successful in online marketing in the USA and Canada and come and join Chuck, John, Charles and I to help you build your online businesses safely! 


Hello People!  

Extraordinary Termination of Distributor Agreement (Distributor ID: XXXXXXX) 


Dear Customer, 


You are active for our company in the US and/or Canada as a distributor offering our services. We were utterly dismayed to learn that a large number of our sales partners extensively advertise our services on their own websites as well as on social media in a manner which is a breach of contract as well as illegal, and which gives the appearance that our service portfolio violates both US and Canadian law. Despite the measures which we have already initiated, this behavior has even intensified in recent weeks and months. This has already resulted in actions by the respective authorities against various distributors, as well as the first preliminary injunctions in response to this advertising behavior. 


The initiation of the above-mentioned official action and the court-ordered preliminary injunctions has also inevitably placed our company in a legally problematic situation. This is due to the fact that, in the event of any doubt, it cannot be ruled out that this illegal advertising by the distributors involved will cause the relevant authorities to suspect that our company itself is promoting this type of advertising activity, or at least tolerates it. This type of alarming view by the authorities would lead to unforeseeable damage for our company as well as our sales partners who observe applicable laws. We cannot subject our company or our reputable sales partners to this danger. 


Consequently, we have decided to immediately discontinue our business activities as well as our sales in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, this also has a direct consequence for you as a sales partner since the cessation of our marketing operations means that we are forced to immediately terminate our contractual relationship with you. 


Although we deeply regret this step both on a business and a personal level, effective immediately we hereby summarily cancel the existing contractual relationship with you as a distributor, or, alternatively, hereby notify you of ordinary termination as of the next possible date. 


In light of the above-announced termination, effective immediately you may no longer market goods, software or other services to our customers, and we will unfortunately no longer be able to accept applications for distributor agreements from third parties from you. In order not to jeopardize the termination of our contractual cooperation, for security reasons your sales partner account in our back office will also immediately be blocked. 


Naturally, we will be paying out all commissions earned up to today's date. We expect to check your remaining unpaid commissions within the next 2 weeks, and as part of this process we will also check/offset/reclaim commission claims of various distribution partners for unlawful double payments/rebuys as well as for unlawful payments due to double-accounts (multiple registrations). Once we have concluded our audit and have determined commission claims, we will remit them to you taking into account the requirements of Section 14 of our Distributor Terms and Conditions. With respect to those sales partners whose illegal advertising behavior is responsible for this current situation, we reserve the right to assert claims for damages, which we will also enforce by offsetting them against commission claims. 


We would also like to point out that, as a result of the above termination, effective immediately you must destroy and/or take offline all websites, landing pages, social media sites/chat groups (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram pp.) or other online or offline advertising materials relating to direct sales of our goods, software, other services and/or our direct sales concept. At the same time, you are obligated to immediately discontinue or cancel all current advertising and/or planned advertising, promotional events or other promotional efforts for our company. In addition, you must immediately terminate or discontinue the use of any registered internet domains, social media accounts, WhatsApp groups or comparable tools, as well as delete the associated login info and/or registrations in so far as these internet domains, social media accounts, WhatsApp Groups or similar tools include our name, trademarks, product names or other characteristics of our company. 


Compliance with the foregoing is also very important with respect to your own interests, e.g. in order to still any concerns on your part with respect to warnings or other actions for misleading or unlawful advertising by third parties or any official investigation of you, given that we have terminated our direct sales in the United States and Canada. 


If you currently also use our products, software or other services as a customer, we will be promptly informing you separately regarding the continuation of our customer relationship with you. 


We would like to conclude by thanking you for your commitment to our company and for your sales efforts. We extremely regret these recent negative developments caused by the behavior of dubious sales partners and wish you all the best professionally and personally. 


Best regards 


USI-TECH Management 


So there you have it!  


The attacks against “CryptoCurrency” Companies have started and the Alphabet Gangsters will continue to infiltrate good Fintech companies to try and shut them down! So how do we do business in the USA and Canada with Fintech companies? Well Chuck, John, Charles and Gary have some solid strategies that we can teach you so that you can be compliant with the companies that we choose to work with! 


Now you see why AGAM-Questra said they would not approach the USA and Canadian Markets until 2021! When they come back in February you need and want to be properly prepared to build your business the way you and A-Q will be protected! We will be announcing our “by invitation only” webinars next week, so if you are truly interested in becoming an online marketer you will plan to attend and join with us to protect ourselves and the companies we represent using proven tools and strategies that we will be teaching our fellow members! If you are interested in joining with us please contact us directly: Chuck Conway, John Schwartz, Charles Pierre and Gary Holmes, whoever your sponsor or upline might be. If you contact your sponsor and they are not joining with us, contact us for a solution. We will only be inviting people we know for our Strategy Webinars! 

December 24th.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Any company that is based in the USA will eventually have to deal with these issues! If you made an "investment" in a USA based company, the witch hunt has started! I would suggest you get your funds out as soon as you can, if you still can! Texas is the first to launch the attack! Check this out NOW! Don't say Chuck and I didn't warn you!
This is why A-Q won't set up offices in the USA until 2021! A-Q leadership knows this and that is why they have done what they have done! We will see them back in the new year, bigger and better than ever! STAY TUNED!
If you are dealing with any company based in the USA this is what the Gov't does, so again, I'm telling you so from experience! Only deal with companies based outside of the USA and Canada for "investment" purposes, please heed my advice!
In the 90's I worked with two great USA based companies and we all made lots of money for awhile and then the SEC came in and said we were selling unsecured securities and put both companies out of business even though we were selling jewelry and travel=go figure!
I would personally never go back to the USA as it is one of the most oppressive countries against home businesses  on the planet, My advice is to plan to move out when you can, remember you are not a tree, you can move!
Great success in all you decide to do, Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy holiday!
Gary and Dahiana!

December 11th,


Watch "Team Legend Saturday Workshop 9 December 2017" on YouTube


December 7th,

My sincere apologies about the lack of our webinar last evening! Somehow I sent out the wrong time, thought I corrected it and obviously didn't! We will be back next Wednesday evening with more info on the awesome TRUNITED MARKETPLACE OPPORTUNITY! Get involved NOW for your Christmas buying season! Why not get paid for buying? It is the wave of the future.

Here's the webinar link for next Wednesday:


Time: Dec 13, 2017 9:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/276488380

Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +16465588656,,276488380#  or +16699006833,,276488380#
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 646 558 8656  or +1 669 900 6833
    Meeting ID: 276 488 380
    International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=k8PKIZEL62deQ-7H1oQhvG2pYaoyySqO


December 6th,

Check out the updated Q&A! I hope to see you on tonight's webinar!

December 2nd,

What I high pressure NOVEMBER month end! WHEW!

I finally got all those who wanted to be a part of the ALLIANCE MATRIX in place by 12:30 am my time! I haven't worked so hard and learned so much in an 18 hour period in a very long time! Denis and Melinda were awesome teachers and supported me right to the end! A BIG "THANK YOU" to you both!

Even though I got all the change docs sent and calls to TRUNITED SUPPORT made, there were still a couple of errors that I didn't catch but TRUNITED SUPPORT is awesome! The next day Isaac from support tried calling me 30 times! I'm sure he used auto redial, but I was not available for his call so he emailed me instead! So when I did get to my computer, I saw the call log and then the email. I started to work on the request for info outlined in the email and then he called me again to see if I got his email! Here's my email conversation:

Hello Issac and Support!
I will respond to your questions in the body of your email below. I have attached an accurate genealogy of my PACESETTER MATRIX to make it easy for data entry.
Thank you for entering this info and completing my run to PACESETTER!
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Connection Changes
From: Trunited Support <support@trunited.com>
Date: Fri, December 01, 2017 12:53 pm
To: gdh@legacyassurance.net

Good morning Gary,
Thank you for your voicemail yesterday.You are very welcome, it is so nice to have both a phone call and email response!
We attempted to make the changes yesterday but unfortunately had difficulty finding the accounts you want the, to be under; Gary H Alliance41 and Gary H Alliance42.These were both renamed by the owners of those positions, sorry and I did not get these changes to you last evening. We were also unable to find the gentleman named "Kenny" you mentioned and the person you would want him under. Kenneth Goodenough is under Dahiana Galice, you will see that in my attached chart.
Also Sonia McLean is missing from my back office so I could not put her point value on the chart but she is showing as a sponsor so I'm sure that is an oversight in the confusion of all the data entry, please add her back and one of my referrals, thank you!
Please provide the full name and or emails that belong to those accounts to this email, and we will get them done for you as soon as possible. I have provided full names and the ID for each member of this matrix. I believe that anyone who is not shown but is referred by any of these members will still be connected, correct? Please let me know so I can teach others, thank you!
Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thank you for being so responsive it is a breath of fresh air! Great success in all we do together to make TRUNITED a household name!
All the best,
Trunited™ Order Support Team

TRUNITED SUPPORT is swamped from the massive new member additions but they have promised to get my ALLIANCE MATRIX genealogy properly configured so we can get paid for November business.

This is the first opportunity that I've ever been in that allows you to change your position within the first 30 days of becoming an affiliate! This is a manual process and with so many changes not just from me but from Chuck and our upline I"m sure it will take a few days to get it all done!

For those of you who missed the November ALLIANCE MATRIX participation, I believe you can still qualify and join for December! Here is what you need to commit to:

1) As soon as you sign up please place your first order in the Direct to Consumer section to receive a minimum of 38.5 points to lead by example. If you have not done this yet for December, contact me for assistance! 
2) Set up a recurring order with TruBox in the Direct to Consumer section for a minimum of 38.5 points per month to lead by example. The gift cards and global brands only kick in 3 months from purchase so you would have to do them at the same time as your direct to consumer purchases for first 3 months, then you can do strictly gift cards moving forward. 
3) Set up your action and marketing plan, balancing your time and money available, in a way that’s comfortable for you. 
4) Share TRUNITED and GPN opportunities with your warm market to refer a minimum of 3 active people as your first step of your marketing plan. 
5) Work with those first 3+ members to engage, take action and repeat steps 1-4! 
6) Use your TRUNITED SHOPPING PORTAL and place as much of your monthly spending through TRUNITED as possible using: the Global Brands, Gift Cards and Direct to Consumer sections. Set a goal to purchase through TRUNITED and get spending it to nearly 100% of the dollars you are regularly spending every month now, plus any additional expenses, asset purchases etc.. 

That’s how simple this opportunity is! 
So what's the deal about the ALLIANCE MATRIX you ask? Isn't this what anyone should do to build there business?
YES, of course , BUT if you contact me or Chuck and commit to us that you are willing to do this plan fervently we may add you to our ALLIANCE MATRIX and the ALLIANCE TEAM will place a matching ALLIANCE MEMBER into your matrix effectively doubling your business with a matching minimum 38.5 point order! So for each member that you refer and they commit to the above plan the ALLIANCE TEAM adds a member, matching yours!
WOW! This is awesome!
Just think how fast you can reach PACESETTER with our upline adding 50% of your needed members! That's how I got to PACESETTER in less than a WEEK! I'm not saying you will be able to do that but know that it can be done! What one can do another can too!
So let's get you educated and committed so that by the end of December you too are a PACESETTER and will start the New Year off with a paycheck and 4 levels to be paid on! Contact Gary and Chuck NOW for your interview!
Check out the tools for more info and diagrams! Here's my ALLIANCE PACESETTER CHART: 
Check out the Q&A too!

November 30th,

WOW! We've done our first TRUNITED OVERVIEW Webinar and it is posted in the "Webinar" section of this site. Because it was our first there were a few bumps along the way but the information that Chuck provided moved participants to action for today! Watch it and do your TRUBOX ORDER today and start building for December and you will be blessed for sure! Watch the webinar to see why everyone attending is taking action! Also check out the new documents in the "TOOLS" link!



Trunited is simple and easy to grasp for everyone! I saw it instantly as one of the major ways commerce will change in this 21st Century. Come join us and see why!

Gary D Holmes