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21st Century Priofits 4U is an independent members site and is not affiliated or endorsed by Trunited Marketplace LLC in any way. The purpose of this site is to spread the good word about Trunited and more importantly help you start getting paid to shop. This site has many ways to spread the word, check it out!



The Founder of this amazing program has earn over $100K USD in 6 months and has developed the perfect program to help both individuals and businesses expand their reach in both internet and cell phone marketing techniques! Needless to say I was intrigued and wanted more info so I could check this out for myself! So he sent me a couple of video links and I believe we have the perfect business to help us build TRUNITED or any other business you would like to promote and get paid to do it! 

I’m a neophyte when it comes to online marketing and I have tried to learn about building splash pages, list building to apply to autoresponders and all the other necessary things you need to do to be successful in this new 21st Century! I must declare myself a dinosaur, because I personally sent out 2800 emails one at a time when I started AGAM-Questra on May 5th 2017! Ya, that’s right, 100 emails a day, personally named and sent one at a time! BUT it worked for me as we all know because many of you have come from those emails! So I then signed up for Mailchimp, an autoresponder system that I have yet to use! I really tried but the instructions were beyond my ability to comprehend so I gave up building a list from that 2800 email addresses! Then I got on “WhatsApp” and thought this is the way of the future BUT I personally hate cell phones for a few reasons so that texting idea failed for me as well! 

So how is a dinosaur like me ever going to survive let alone flourish in this 21st Century fast paced electronic age? 

Thank you, Chuck for introducing me to ECC! It meets and exceeds everything I need and want in an interim business until AGAM re-opens! Not only that I will continue to run ECC as a secondary lead producing business one AGAM-Questra is back with absolutely no conflict! That’s right, this ECC builds businesses no matter what they are, traditional and online based! If you have joined the plethora of Cryptos, USI-Tech, Yota, and the multitude of knockoffs out there! It will build any and all of them that you choose to use ECC for and you will get paid to do it! AWSOME, wouldn’t you say? For sure it is and you can get started today and it only costs you $18.00USD! YUP! You saw it correctly! Everyone can scrape up $18.00USD, even me! I joined and I’m so glad I did and I want to share it with everyone I know but also the rest of the world I don’t know and I need you to join with Chuck and I to make it happen!  

We have excellent support in our leader Rich Obrien, watch this 11 minute video and see all the extra support and products he adds to make this THE COMPLETE ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM!  I especially like the start point of $18.00 USD, that means everyone can get into it and grow into all the other products! That’s where everyone starts! I also like that this is not MLM, but rather direct sales and it teaches you how to build your business, any business with texting and emails so you can be completely online and work from home! If you decide you want to move forward with this amazing system please contact you’re A-Q and make sure you give them the opportunity to be your sponsor in ECC too as I truly want to protect line of sponsorship as it is the honorable thing to do! If I am your sponsor, or if you, don’t have a sponsor and would like me to be your coach and you have questions, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss how this program will work for you too in all that you are promoting! So let’s get you introduced to ECC, please watch both videos below and come join with me or your sponsor ASAP as we all need to be making money, building this business and anything else we want to promote as well! 



SIGN UP WITH THIS LINK ONLY IF I AM YOUR TRUNITED/AGAM-Questra SPONSOR or you don’t have a sponsor and want me to be your coach! 



Trunited is simple and easy to grasp for everyone! I saw it instantly as one of the major ways commerce will change in this 21st Century. Come join us and see why!

Gary D Holmes